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Track Bike Photo Study

I recently took it upon myself to study exactly what it takes to build up a fully functional fixed geared track bike from scratch. I can personally describe a fixed geared bike as the easiest & most affordable form of transportation in history. Building yourself a bike that doesn't require brakes, gears, shifters, derailleur's & cables sounds like a piece of cake but in reality it can be overwhelming. The options of components are limitless in 2017.

A large percentage of prospective cyclists look to purchase bikes that are sold 100% complete from their local bike shop or direct from the maker/manufacturer. Only a small percentage make the decision to build their bike from scratch. shopping around with precise decisions on choosing hubs, spokes, wheelsets, bars, stems, cranksets, bottom brackets, chainrings, pedals, etc. 

Being so meticulous with what i want in a bike is exactly what brought this project to life. Piece by piece, component by component, being alive and being human is a beautiful thing when you can acknowledge our ability to turn nothing into something.

"My goal for this project is to shine a light on the small percent of individuals that put the time and money into bringing their beautiful machines to life".

It took me about 2 weeks to execute this project with the help of Deluxe Cycles. Getting all the parts together, Cleaning all of the parts, breaking all the links of the chain, designing the layout, taking the time to carefully place the components on the ground & take photographs of the entire process.

I hope you enjoy my photo study & remember to tell the world that bikes are awesome.

-Photographs & Words by Cordell Murray


List of Components

-2012 59cm Pursuit Track Low Frame
-Time Atac XC8 Pedals (Left/Right)
-56 Black Spokes
-56 Silver Nipples
-(2) HED Belgium Rims (Black)
-(2) Velox Rimtape
-Deluxe Track Hub Front (Black)
-Deluxe Track Hub Rear (Black)
-Asia Imports 16t Cog (Black)
-Dura-Ace Lockring (Black)
-Vittoria Zaffiro 700x25 Tires (Front/Back)
-Pearl Izumi Chain (Jet Black)
-Sugino MB-608 Bottom Bracket
-Ritchey COMP Saddle (Black)
-Sugino Zen 49t Chainring (Black)
-Sugino 75 Direct Drive Cranks (Black)
-Chainring Bolts (Black)
-Thomson Seatpost Collar (Black)
-Thomson Seatpost (Black)
-Ritchey Comp 120 Stem (Black)
-Ritchey Logic Curve Drop Bar (Black)
-700x25 Kenda Inner tubes (Front/Back)
-FSA "The Pig" 1-1/8 Threadless Headset
-2 Spacers + Zipp Topcap

-May 2017, Brooklyn, New York