Courier Collection Poster

Courier Collection Poster Layout.jpg
Courier Collection Poster Layout.jpg

Courier Collection Poster

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The Courier Collection Poster - A photo study curated and photographed by Cordell Murray featuring Bike Messengers & Couriers alike from around the world. Individuals based out of Paris, New York, Chicago, England, Minneapolis & more. Cordell's mission with this photo study was to seek out and document the men and women who dedicate years of their lives making money riding bikes. He started documenting his friends in late 2014 and started traveling to make new friends as the years went on. Own this poster for yourself or buy it for a friend. The collection has no end. If you or a friend is interested in joining the collection, email today!

Endura Matte Print

11x14 print goes great w/ Ikea's (RIBBA) 12" x 16" Frame
16x20 print goes great w/ Ikea's (RIBBA) 16" x 20" or 19" x 27" Frame
-or- you can pickup Ikea's (HOVSTA) Frame and give the poster some depth.
Horizontal or Vertical printing options available.

Edition of 50 - Signed by artist

S+H included

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