Portrait Collection Photo Study

My portrait collection photo study consists of three projects.
- Full body portraits
- Emotion filled portraits
- mugshot style portraits
Focusing on portrait photography i made a mission to seek out all of my friends, family members & acquaintance's and simply photograph their existence. My portrait collection features subjects from all around the planet. Locations like New York, Paris, London & Barcelona.

For my full body portraits i never left my apartment without my camera and looked forward to bumping into friends throughout my day working or running errands. Whenever i would bump into a friend, i struck up a bit of conversation and before we continued on with our day i would take their full body portrait. No matter the time of day or location.

For my emotional portraits i interviewed 40 men and woman and photographed them crying, singing, dancing, jumping, yelling, screaming and shouting. 

For my mugshot portraits i google searched "Vintage Letter Boards" for hours until i came across a website that sold small letter boards that came with all the letters in the alphabet. Only had to spend around $150 for the letter board, letters + SH.