Juice Press 

Lifestyle/Product Photography
Graphic/Product Design


As a Designer at Juice Press i focused my work on bringing the company's product, lifestyle & social media presence to life. My job was to organize and execute creative projects in a timely manner & communicate projects to team members company wide. 

I worked on multiple photography projects including: photographing all the women of Juice Press, work directly with the appearance of the juice bottles at VIP events and the company website. Create fun product visuals for existing and new product to go directly on the juice press instagram account. Work remotely out of Juice Press Locations from Wall Street up to 92nd Street. Invent lifestyle content by getting to know employees and capturing candid images of them doing their jobs. Photograph Juice Press bike messengers for promotional delivery post cards. Photograph location photos for website. Work with employees at the Super Kitchen in Long Island City and document the behind the scenes of making product. Work with JP run club shooting photographs to promote on instagram.

I also worked on a good number of design projects such as: Redesigning all logos for product labels company wide. Printing labels in large rolls and shipping said labels with new logos to 22+ store locations. Work directly with companies like Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim & Nike to create special labels for collaboration events. Build photoshop & illustrator files from scratch. Redesign Juice + Food logos for packaging and implement finished designs into production schedule.

-Below are some examples of the independent photo/design projects i worked on.

F'in Fireball - Ginger Fireball - Mother Earth-2.jpg
JP10 copy.jpg
JP9 copy.jpg
JP8 copy.jpg
Special Label Example - Under Armour.JPG