Product Design

2016 Studio Logo Tees Re-launching Soon

Over a year ago, I designed and launched 2 logo tee projects but came across many complications in the production process. From formatting the designs incorrectly all the way to receiving the incorrect finished product from the screen printers. It has been a very annoying journey but I wouldn't change a thing simply because of all the amazing things I've learned.

After several months of fine-tuning everything and redesigning the way I design my product all the way to receiving my product, I am proud to say that I will be re-launching all of my studios early Logo Tee's in limited batches. Every individual who ordered a tee and did not receive it by now, I apologize to you and I promise that I haven't forgotten about you. When the new batch of what you ordered arrives, I will be shipping your tee's out with extra goodies just for keeping you waiting so long.

Thank you for your patience and working with me and my creative process.
These old designs of mines + new ones are in the works for all you enthusiast's this year.

Stay tuned.