R&D - Playboy Magazine Design Inspiration

I recently picked up 44 issues of 90's & 2000's Playboy Magazines from a homie who needed help moving into a new apartment. His girlfriend told him that he needed to get rid of the collection to make space for the new crib so he brought out this heavy ass bag to show me the stash. He came across the collection in the early 2000's working alongside his mom in a photo studio. The studio had an inspiration library and the Playboy Magazines caught his interest when he was of age to know what they were about. Somehow he was able to walk out with the entire stash and he kept them in a bag at his crib for years to come. When he broke them out and showed them to me, the first thing i thought was "The history inside these magazines must be amazing". The kind of history that possibly doesn't exist on the internet. So i gave homie $50 for his collection and carried the heavy ass bag to my house which was luckily in the same neighborhood because that sh*t was heavy!

I spent the past couple days skimming thru the magazines and what i've found is priceless.
- Original adult themed artwork from illustrators from the 90's & early 2000's.
- Vintage technology ad's from companies like Sony promoting new technology at the time. Shit like Camcorders, Cd's & Nintendo 64's. The kind of equipment we could care less about in 2018.
- Vintage Tobacco/Smoking advertisements before people knew cigarettes could kill them. (1971 Tobacco/Smoking ad's was banned for TV & Radio. But ad's continued to run in Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards & Transit.)
- Hanging with Hef posters. (Photos of athletes, models & actors hanging with Hugh Hefner years before they became the famous people they are today.)
- Some of the coolest Logos and Graphic Design influences.

After my Research & Development is complete, maybe I'll make a zine out of it or a poster or a small archive exhibition. The sky is the limit.

Stay Tuned!