Red Hook Crit No.10 - Focus on the Photographers - Louie Herman

  Louie Herman - Photo: Cordell Murray

Louie Herman - Photo: Cordell Murray

Check out what my homie Louie has to say about his experience photographing the 10th Edition of the Red Hook Criterium. Make sure to check out his take of the race over at:

IG: @louie.herman & Web:

What kind of photographer do you consider yourself? I use to be a wedding photographer but I didn't like it. It was not what I wanted to do. I wanted to shoot photos of subjects that gave me the chance to be more creative. Subjects that had more substance.

What equipment did you use to shoot RHC10? I shot with a Nikon D300s. During the day i used an 80-200mm 2.8 lens and as the day went by I changed to my 85mm 1.8 to get close up shots of the racers and toward the night I switched to my 24-70mm lens so I had a wider angle during the race.

How many shots did you take? I took about 2600 shots but most of them weren't any good because i wasn't using a flash and had trouble getting things in focus.

How many times did you shoot RHC? This would be my second time shooting the race. I remember the first time I photographed this race I only had a point and shoot Sony RX100!

What was your favorite moment of the race? My favorite part was seeing old faces and making new friends.