Red Hook Crit No.10 - Focus on the Photographers - Keith E. Morrison

Checkout my homie Keith and his experience photographing the 10th Edition of the Red Hook Criterium. Be sure to check out more of his work over at:

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What kind of photographer do you consider yourself? I don't really know how to label myself as a photographer because it's always changing. Throughout my photographic career I've worn so many different hats but I guess as an overarching title I'd label myself as a photojournalist. My true passion lies in telling a narrative with my images. I think it's pretty easy to create a "pretty picture" but to create something that evokes feelings and emotions is a task that is less easily attained.

What Equipment did you shoot with at RHC10? I shot the race this year mostly on a Canon 1DX and a combination of both the 24-70 and 70-200 lenses. I brought a bunch of other gear but never really took it out of the bag.

What were you specifically looking to photograph? I don't think that I went into the race with any expectations of what I wanted to shoot as it was only my second time at the event. In being fairly new to cycling I'm taking these first few appearances as a bit of a research project where I can assess the scene and figure out where I think I belong and what I can bring to the table. I think too often we act as lemmings following one another's examples but realized that in doing so we often walk away with images that are less than fulfilling. I'm thankful that the race is as successful as it has become so I know I'll have a chance next time to document whatever i feel like i missed. 

How many photos did you shoot in total?Usually at an event like this I go a bit overboard and shoot way more photos than necessary but I was tied up with shooting the running race so I didn't pump out nearly as many images of the cycling as I would have liked.

How many times have you shot at a Red Hook event? This was my second time shooting at the crit.

What was your favorite moment of the race day to shoot and why? My favorite moment was watching Colleen Gulick take the W in the women's field; we ride for the same team so to see your fellow rider represent like that is an incredible feeling.

 Keith E. Morrison & Girls Run NYC - Photo: Cordell Murray

Keith E. Morrison & Girls Run NYC - Photo: Cordell Murray