Cordell Murray - Photographer/Visual Artist
1987 - Brooklyn, NY

I'm best known for being my Mother's first son, my Grandfather's apprentice, my Grandmother's favorite and my Father's challenge. My Grandfather introduced me to Photography around the age of ten, giving me small photo assignments with his polaroid camera. The one i remember most vividly, is when he told me to go outside and photograph five of my friends. Return with the photos and explain my relationship with each person i photographed. These early teachings sparked my love for visual storytelling. The foundation set all those years ago is the fuel to my fire for today's visual exploration.

Sole creator of Stay Alive Studio, The Courier Collection and other projects. Successful at traveling the world and documenting lifestyle. Pure in thought, Original with intent, Self made, from the ground up and a believer in the words; "Don't talk about it, Be about it".

Stay Alive!